Contact About Roma Spoons ROMA SPOON AU $55 per spoon To purchase this item, email: Please include: your name; delivery address; the item name; the wood type; and the quantity of each item. Item Type: Roma Spoon Material: Available in blackwood, blue gum, and jarrah. In the picture to the left, the top left spoon is blue gum. The second from the left is blackwood. The third from the left is jarrah. The fourth from the left is blackwood. Each spoon is meticulously hand carved. Hand carved wood contains the unique style and character of the maker. Such quality cannot be achieved with products that are mass produced in a factory. Roma spoons are suitable for cooking, and eating. Blackwood, blue gum and jarrah are all attractive and durable interior-based timbers. Strong, lightweight and easy to hold. Soft edged, so does not leave scratches on your cookware. Finish: Hand polished with walnut oil. Site © 2018 All images © 2018