Dining Table


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Dining Table


Your table will be made from the timber of your choice.

The timber used in the table illustrated above is solid quarter sawn Oak.

Oak is a hardwood whose strength, durability and attractive grain are ideal for furniture.

Each piece of timber is carefully chosen and combined to create visual impact.

Your choice of timber will be reflected in the price of the table.


Hand cut Mitred Mortise and Tenon joints throughout.

Mitred Mortise and tenon joints are clean and strong.

This makes them stable and resilient.

The joints are designed for maximum visual appeal.

Draw bored pins are used for maximum strength.


The hand carved diamond pattern enhances the look this table.

The diamonds are chip carved to the highest quality.

The diamonds are chip carved to the highest quality.

The Double Hayrake support maximises strength and beauty.

Chamfers add elegance and refinement.


Height: 74cm

Width: 100cm

Length: 200cm


Oil varnish.

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