Brush Box and Victorian Ash Cutting Board
BRUSH BOX AND ASH CUTTING BOARD To purchase this item, email: Please include: your name; delivery address; the item name; the wood type; and the quantity of each item. Item Type: Cutting Board Materials: Brush Box and Ash. This board is hand made. Hand made wood contains the unique style and character of the maker. Such quality cannot be achieved with products that are mass produced in a factory. The white wood is ash. The dark wood is brush box. Brush box and ash are both attractive, strong and durable timbers. Wood is durable and self healing, which reduces knife marks over time. Wood is easier on knife edges, keeping your knives sharp. Wood is moisture resistant. Hand made wood is beautiful. Dimensions: Length: 53cm Width: 27cm Depth: 3.5cm Finish: Hand polished with mineral oil. Site © 2018 All images © 2018